Thursday, November 22, 2018

Department Receives Donated Tools

Recently Central Alexander Fire Department received 4 sets of brand new donated DeWalt tool sets from the Stanley Black & Decker Corporation. A donated set of tools consist of the following: tool bag, 1 charger, 2 (20 volt batteries), impact driver, cordless drill, cordless sawsall, & battery. One set each will go on our front line trucks, to aide in firefighter efforts.

We would like to thank the Stanley Black & Decker Corporation for the generous donation to our community and department.

Department Award State Matching Grant

This past spring Central Alexander Fire Department was awarded a state matching in grant in the total of little over $32,000.00. Half is paid by the department other half paid for by the state. This $32,000.00 was used to purchase 10 new sets of turnout gear.

Those that do not know, should realize that turnout gear consist of the following: helmet, gloves, hood, coat, pants, suspenders, boots. All that together totals around $3,200 per set.

We want to thank those that prepared the grant, as well as the state of North Carolina, for awarding us the grant.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Department Awarded Grant From NC Forestry Service

Central Alexander Fire Department was awarded Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant from the North Carolina Forestry Service. This grant is a 50/ 50 matching grant up to $ 5,000.00 dollars for a total of $ 10,000.00. Central Alexander Fire Department was awarded the max amount of $ 5,000.00. These funds were used to purchase the following:

10: Motorola Minitor 6 pagers

2: EF Johnson Dual Band Radios

2: Motorola VHF Radios

1: Back Pack Blower

We want to thank those that prepared the grant and handled all aspects of the grant. We also want to thank the North Carolina Forestry Service as well.